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5 Portable Toilet Rental Tips

Are you set to host an outdoor event or perhaps to plan a construction job? Do you have a camping event or an outdoor birthday party? In an event where food, drinks, and dance meet, you have to think about sanitation. And that is why having Johnny-on-the-spot is crucial. Getting a portable toilet rental is an excellent way to make your guests feel at home. Also, it is the best and affordable way to provide clean and quality restrooms for many event attendees. That’s why we have portable toilet rental tips to help you out.

Our company can also offer you excellent rental options like luxury restrooms for your VIPs and ADA compliant porta-potties and even children’s portable toilets. However, the challenge comes in when getting the best portable toilet rental. For instance, a toilet rental company can promise you the world to get your business and fail to deliver.

The following are the best portable toilet rental tips to consider if you plan to rent a portable toilet rental for your event. Remember, the rental company does the leg work of shipping toilet rentals, placing them on the event site, and picking them after use.  

Portable Toilet Rental Tips to Get the Best Experience

1. Know your event’s sanitation needs

The first step to getting the best portable toilet rental is to get your project’s sanitation needs right. There are various portable toilets for unique events. 

Are you having a garden wedding, a birthday party, corporate event, carnival, music concert, or a school event? Understanding your project’s needs will give you a blueprint to getting the best porta-potties. 

For instance, we have units for construction projects, restroom trailers ideal for corporate events and weddings, and luxurious portable toilets. 

Additionally, it will be easy to budget and get a rental that will match your project when you know your sanitation needs.

2. Ask your friends/colleagues and family for the best portable toilet rental.

Once you know the types of portable toilets you will need, it is time to search for the best portable toilet rental. Ask your friends for the best porta potty provider in your area. 

Chances are you have a friend, colleague, or family that hired a toilet rental for their event in the past. Ask them to refer you to a premier rental. 

And that is a pretty good way to get a list of sanitation service providers in the area. 

Get the contacts and reach out to those toilet rentals to see if they can service your event. 

3. Search for a portable toilet rental online

If none of your friends and family know of the best porta potty rental, you can use the internet to search and read reviews. What’s best about searching for porta-john online is that you can read reviews, choose your rental, and order units online.

Also, it is easy to get local rentals if you use the correct search terms. For instance, if you search “Casa Grande portable toilet rental,” it will bring you the top-rated rentals like Casa Grande Rent A Can serving your local area. 

4. Vet your portable toilet rental

Once you find a mobile toilet rental ideal for your project, it is best to vet the company to ensure that you will get value for your money. First, consider reading reviews of the company and get the experiences of the company’s former customers. Then, contact your rental and speak with their support to gauge their customer service. 

Also, interview your rental to see if they have suitable portable restrooms for your event. 

Ask questions like the cost of the portable toilet units, the services they offer, who will deliver and pick up the rental units, and if they have unique units like shower trailers, hand washing stations, e.t.c.

5. Choose a local portable toilet rental.

If anything, choose a local toilet rental because they are affordable and understand the local customer’s needs. 

Also, with a local rental, you may not have to be on a waitlist to get rental services—especially now that the demand for toilet rentals is high as the Covid restrictions loosen.

Why should you hire Casa Grande Rent A Can?

We provide top-tier professional rental services. You will get reasonable pricing, plus you can qualify for same-day services. Contact us!

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