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5 Tips for the Perfect Labor Day Backyard Party

If you are an outdoorsy person, chances are you love backyard parties. Hosting the Labor Day backyard party is an excellent way to bring your family and friends together to enjoy a BBQ as you welcome the fall season.

Unlike the previous years, hosting parties in current times come with a lot of changes. People need to maintain social distance and the highest standard of hygiene—yikes! Covid. 

However, you can still have fun as you end the summer in style with your fam and friends. Below are tips for the perfect Labor Day backyard party.

1. Install Backyard Shade for Your Labor Day Party

As the summer ends, the temperatures can be somewhat unforgiving. The best way to prepare for the high temperature or unexpected rains is to install shades in the backyard. 

If you have all the time and resources, you can opt for an extensive project like creating a gazebo for the Labor Day party. And if that is not in your cards, you can utilize table umbrellas and canopies or even do a simple DIY shade.

Your guests will appreciate the cool shade either way as you party on Labor Day away.

2. Prioritize your guests’ comfort

If you ask any event planner, they will tell you that your guests’ comfort comes first regardless of the type of occasion you are hosting. And that applies to the Labor Day backyard party. 

Ensure that you make guests feel at home and enjoy the party. One of the ways to ensure that your friends and family are comfortable during the get-together is to keep the pesky bugs away. 

Provide citronella candles to keep the pesky mosquitoes away and bug spray. 

Also, ensure that there is enough seating spaced out to accommodate your guests. 

Another critical thing to keep your guests comfortable and help them kick back is to ensure enough essentials are available. 

Offer access to clean bathrooms by renting portable toilets here at Casa Grande Rent A Can for the labor day celebrations. Also, offer clean water and handwashing stations for your guests.

If the evenings tend to be cold, you can offer warm blankets and heating lamps. 

Labor Day backyard party

3. Bring gaming accessories

Gaming accessories come in handy when you are hosting an outdoor party. Your guests will appreciate little teasing, running, and challenges to create laughter and joy. 

Create games for kids and adults. You can consider lawn activities like spike ball, tennis, frisbee, hula hoops, and hopscotch for the kids. 

These games are great options to get the backyard party going and fun. 

Ensure that the space for gaming activities is far from your outdoor kitchen. Otherwise, you risk having a ball hit your delicious grill. 

4. Install several food stations

Food and drinks are the ultimate signature label of the Labor Day celebrations. It is all about the BBQ, appetizers, and drinks. Install food stations around the backyard to encourage movement and interactions between your guests. 

Also, installing several food tables helps prevent your guests from queuing for food. 

Speaking of which, you must prepare enough food for your guests. Plan your menu for the day ahead of time. Whether you plan to create a cheese charcuterie board or grill anything and everything, remember that your guests look forward to tasting your food. 

5. Create a fire pit

When it comes to the Labor Day celebrations, you have the whole day—and night to kickback. So, if you plan to have your Labor Day backyard party run into the night, you can create a fire pit to warm you and your guests. 

Get your firewood ready and ensure that there is enough to last the night. 

A warm backyard is a great way to keep the conversation going. 

Are you ready to host a perfect Labor Day backyard event? Contact us at Casa Grande for excellent sanitation services.

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