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Comfortable Construction Site Restrooms

Are you looking for comfortable construction site restrooms?

If you didn’t know, having restrooms on a construction site isn’t just necessary to improve work productivity; it is mandatory by the law.

Under the local codes and regulations, you should install one restroom for every 20 people working on your construction site.

The restrooms should either be flushable or use chemicals to keep them hygienic.

So, how and where do you get reliable and comfortable toilets for your construction site?

First, let’s see all the bare essential facilities you need to have on your construction site.

construction site restrooms

What are the essential facilities in a construction site?

For the welfare of your construction site workers, you need more than personal protective gear — You need to ensure that you take care of the necessities as well.

Some must-have amenities on your construction site include;

  • Washing stations

A construction site involves the handling of debris and hazardous products. The best way to keep your workers’ welfare in check is to ensure that you install accessible handwashing stations.

Luckily you can get temporary washing stations and use them on your site for as long as you need them.

  • Restroom area

Perhaps the most crucial facility you need to have on a construction site. The restroom facility should top your list when managing a construction site.

Ideally, it would help if you had enough restrooms depending on the number of workers on site.

To cut the time spent on the restroom, set your toilet 200 feet away from the working area. 

  • Changing rooms

Your construction workers will need to change from regular clothing to their construction gear which means that a safe changing room is imperative.

A simple changing room and storage area can make it easy for your workers to change and store their items when at work. 

  • Safe drinking water station

Clean water is essential on a construction site. Ensure that your site workers have access to clean and safe water to drink. Ideally, put these water stations at intervals close to the working area.

  • Clean area to eat and rest

Another must-have facility on a construction site is a dining and resting area. You can add simple kitchen appliances like a microwave so your employees can warm their food.

These basic construction site facilities help reduce the downtimes and boost your workers’ productivity.

What are the benefits of construction site restrooms?

Construction site sanitation.

The most crucial thing to consider for a construction site is your employees’ health and sanitary welfare. 

And one way to ensure there is the highest standard of sanitation within the working environment.

Portable construction restrooms do just that; ensure that there is a high level of sanitation.

Construction site restrooms are convenient.

Another benefit of a construction site restroom is that they are convenient and make it easy to access toilets when they need to. 

Enough and comfortable construction restrooms reduce the waiting time. Also, it ensures that restroom breaks don’t disrupt the workflow on site.

Construction portable toilets put you on the safe side of the law.

The law requires that you create a temporary toilet facility if there is no accessible restroom. You will need to have these throughout the construction period.

Renting portable toilets for construction will give the peace of mind you need to focus on other aspects of your job.

How many construction site restrooms should you get?

Typically, you need a minimum of one porta potty for every 20 employees. However, comfortable restrooms like trailers will offer more comfort to your workers.

Rent A Can is a leader in providing dependable and comfortable restrooms to construction sites in Arizona.

Whatever you need is, we are here to provide the best of service. Contact us!

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