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How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need

Are you hosting an outdoor party, wedding, marathon, or other events with many people to attend? It’s no secret; you need to deploy enough sanitized portable toilets. But the question that trouble many event planners are; how many portable restrooms do you need for an event?

It is crucial to understand the number of porta potties to install for any event, big or small.

First, enough portable toilets are cost-effective and make your event participants comfortable.

Bringing a little too many portable toilets to the site can take up a considerable chunk of space and cost you more. 

Installing fewer units can force your guests to look for alternatives, and they may end up not focusing on your event.

With years of unrivaled experience, the Rent A Can team understands how to select the correct number of portable toilets for any event.

How to determine how many portable toilets you need?

Figuring the number of mobile restrooms you require for your event can be a breeze. The simplest way to figure this plan out is to determine your;

Number of guests

The first step to help you know the portable toilets you need is to estimate the number of participants you expect.

Estimating attendees can be pretty tricky, depending on the nature of the event. 

There are many ways to estimate the number of guests. You can use the RSVPs you send out to determine the number of people to come.

Another way is to use digital tools to keep track of the guests planning to attend your event.

If your participants are corporate staff, you can expect a minimum of 60% of them to attend.

For social gatherings, you can estimate around 85% of them to attend.

Getting the accurate number of event participants is a surefire way to estimate the toilet rentals you need to rent.

Event timeframe

Another factor to consider when estimating the portable toilets to rent is the event timeframe.

Will the event last for several days, a week, or a month? Understanding the timeframe can help you get the correct number of porta potties that fit your gathering.

ADA compliance

It is mandatory to provide ADA compliant portable toilets for any outdoor event that requires porta-potties.

You need to consider at least one ADA-compliant portable toilet for every twenty units you rent.

Also, remember that you will need to source ADA-compliant restrooms for both genders.

casa grande portable toilet rentals


Understanding the event demographics is another crucial factor to help you get the proper estimate for portable toilets.

If you anticipate having more women than men attend the event, you should request more portable restrooms.

Also, you should hire kids’ portable toilets if you expect children to attend.

And luckily, Rent A Can offers portable porta johns that cater to all demographics.

Whether you need units for a high-end event or a job site, we have excellent units and ADA accessible stalls for any gathering.

Add on units

When hiring portable toilets, you might also need to include other facilities like handwashing and hand sanitizing stations.

Handwashing is crucial, and you need to consider it, especially during this COVID era.

Also, handwashing and sanitizing boosts sanitation, primarily if you will be serving food and beverages.

Rent an accurate number of portable restrooms for your event.

Once you consider all the above variables, it can be easy to create the number of units you need for your next gathering.

The ultimate goal is to rent the correct number of portable toilets and cut restroom rental costs.

Rent A Can is the best company if you need accurate and reliable portable toilets. 

Rent your restroom units now. Contact us today.

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