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Planning a Backyard Wedding

3 Tips for a Backyard Wedding

Are you planning to modify your backyard into a wedding venue? A backyard wedding is an effective way to say your vows in the most intimate places like your home environment. You are probably anticipating your big wedding event in the backyard because of its sentimental value, affordability, and convenience. And this means you will not have to stress over venues and save money while soaking up on your special day.

Also, it is an excellent way to have an intimate number of guests, especially during the Covid times

However, a backyard wedding is more than just stepping outside and saying your vows in an open space. You will still need to work out the details of the event, get your vendors, and generally plan the day to be successful. Below are three tips for a successful backyard wedding.

1. Put a wedding planner on the list.

Hosting a backyard wedding means that you will have total control over the event from start to finish. However, it can be quite a hell of a lot of work to execute a backyard wedding. The exciting thing is that you can still hire a planner for a backyard wedding like you would in a different venue. 

Some of the reasons to include a backyard wedding planner on the list are;

  • A planner will help you with the overall event organization. From sourcing for vendors, coordinating logistics to handling the last-minute emergencies, an event planner is a handy person to help you before and during the actual day. 
  • A wedding planner will bring out the style and execute the event theme. If you need someone to work on your event’s aesthetics, you need to hire a wedding planner. The planning team will always be there to handle any details to make your day fancy and memorable. 
  • Additionally, a wedding planner will help you make things copasetic. The planning team will ensure that your event adheres to the local laws and guidelines and neighborhood etiquette. 

Once you have a wedding planner on board, you will have less stress and ready for your wedding.

2. Plan for the minor but crucial details

You might not know this, but the minor event details can make or break your backyard wedding. Just because it is an event on your outdoor space doesn’t mean that you don’t need extra restrooms, parking, or a plan for surprise rain. 

Some of the minor but crucial details on a backyard wedding include;

  • Parking. Chances are, your driveway is not enough to fit tens of vehicles—plan for space where your guests can park their cars. You can check if your guests can park on the street or in a nearby parking lot. Alternatively, you can consider hiring valets to take care of the vehicles that day.
  • Restrooms. You have your food and drinks for the day on the check. It is equally vital to plan for bathrooms for your guests. And this means that you need to check out luxury restroom rentals depending on the number of guests coming to your event. These portable toilets have luxurious amenities, and someone will be standing by to ensure that they are always clean. You know who to contact for restroom rentals—Casa Grande Rent A Can!
  • Noise ordinance. The last thing you need is to cross the line with excess noise coming from your backyard and disturbing your neighbors. Ensure that you keep the noise within the acceptable limits and timeframe. 
backyard wedding

3. Plan for shelter, lighting, and safety.

Are you hoping for a bright sunny day for your backyard wedding? Well, the weather can take a dramatic turn, and rain starts to pour—canceling your backyard wedding at the last minute because of rain is not an option. Have a plan for tents where your guests can sit and witness you marry the love of your life. Also, ensure that you have enough sources of electricity for lighting and safety. 

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